The New Beverly

A funky 70s-inpired site and CMS for Quentin Tarantino's New Bev.

The New Beverly is Quentian Tarratino's passion-project theater specializing in double and tripple feature showings of gridhouse, explotaiton, and genre flicks. We were worked with the New BEv team to develop a dope new site that also enabled them to easily manage their calendar of shows and events.

Web Design & Development

From Whore House to Grid House

A vaudeville house, candy factory & beer parlor, Jewish Community Center and celebrity nightclub, a lot of magic happened at 7165 Beverly Blvd before the first film projectors rolled in. But everything would change in 1978 when Sherman Torgan turned a shuttered adult theater into the repertory movie haven we know today as the New Beverly Cinema. After 10 years of being a benefactor of the theater, Oscar-winning filmmaker Quentin Tarantino became owner and head programmer. Committed to celluloid, Quentin made the unique decision to have the New Beverly solely project film prints.

I want the New Beverly to be a bastion for 35mm films. I want it to stand for something. When you see a film on the New Beverly calendar, you don’t have to ask whether it’s going to be shown in DCP or in 35mm. You know it’s playing in 35 because it’s the New Beverly.