Old Creek

A full brand and web project for a high-end furniture producer

Old Creek makes thoughtfully constructed home furniture using only the most premium of materials. Seeking a refreshed brand and website, Old Creek hit us up to help them create a branded digital experience that represented both the breadth of their products and their process for creating them.

Branding Print Strategy Web Design & Development
Consumer Product

Getting Our Feet Wet

Our vision for the brand and website was first realized in a comprehensive review of the company and its products.We worked with the company to revisit their business strategy, from an overarching audit and reorganization of their current processes, to providing guidance on the purchase of a camera to better document the Old Creek story and build more complete case studies.

Establishing a Voice

The overarching aesthetic for Old Creek is best characterized as organic — from the nature-centric imagery and tones of the color palette, to the comfortably confident voice and monogram logo capturing the company’s leading letters in a door-like shape.

To carry this brand voice through development, the Urban Influence engineering team designed an experience for Old Creek showcasing the consistent quality and classic design of their products through page-wide, original photography and sophisticated, intuitive interactions that enhanced the focus on the company’s products and processes.