One Exquisite Breath

Venna brings to you pure Cannabis products woven with soft undertones of naturally extracted essence. Venna stands next to every kind of women, bringing forth opulent flavour profiles designed to delight, inspire and uplift.

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Cannabis Product


Venna offers a line of beautiful flavors and products. Venna women believe in the power of cannabis as part of daily life and empowerment, whether its helping them find their inner strength during yoga, taking a hike, or going out with friends.

Product Design

Because the all-in-one seamlessly fits into both your life and hand bag, the flavors and colors become part of you.

Packaging Design

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Social Media Marketing

With such a visual brand, it was natural to put an emphasis on an Instagram presence. By creating advertisements to premier new flavors and products, and having a dedicated team member to produce beautiful content, Venna’s following continues to grow.

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