Intego Mac Washing Machine

Cleaning Up the Popular Mac desktop app

Intego came to us in hopes of re-imagining the Mac Washing Machine desktop application from the ground up. Since the big PC guys were moving in on their turf, we decided to move in on theirs with a Mac cleaner that combines three separate but complementary functions to help you free up as much memory as possible and stay organized.

Security Technology

Visual Language

After wireframing, we concentrated on designing cohesive, brand recognizable visual elements. For the Washing Machine, this included a simple vector icon consistent with Intego’s existing security product line.

Creating a Friendly Interface

Because who doesn’t love a big easy button! Aside from the robustness of the app itself, the interface needed to be as smooth and clean as possible to convert trial users. We designed the interface to be as Mac-like as possible, so users would find navigation intuitive and natural.

Intuition + Instruction

Even though we deigned Mac Washing Machine to be as simple as possible, help never hurts. So the start screens give users a quick and friendly lesson on using the app.

The Marketing Site

And of course we crafted a snazzy site to promote Mac Washing Machine…