Wood Shed

Showcasing the craft in craftsmanship through thoughtful design.
Branding Logo Strategy


Centered in the Pacific Northwest, Wood Shed Production was one among numerous custom craft furniture companies; they needed to demonstrate the skill and technique in their process, while also providing a visually enticing means of online access to the company and product.

When creating a brand for a creative product or service, awareness of the artist’s intended expression should lead the project, throughout. The essence of the art must be captured in the imagery and copy content, offering the vision from the eye of the artist and providing audiences the opportunity to experience the art personally.


The team at Urban Influence created a brand guide for Wood Shed that captured the craft materials and affable tone of Wood Shed in an organic logo and color palette, designed with simplicity in mind. The focus was always to remain on the skill and product of the craftsmen.

In accord with this mindset, the Wood Shed website was developed to showcase, in striking clarity, the collection of handcrafted Wood Shed furniture. And the image-centric, mobile-friendly online space could be readily updated via Instagram, allowing Wood Shed staff to present viewers with their newest projects while maintaining a cross-channel social media plan.


Reviewing website analytics following the launch of the Wood Shed website, we witnessed increased viewership by 4x. Wood Shed reports improved customer engagement and ease-of-use in updating the online space.