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A clothing company startup for tech guys, YaJoe approached us a few months ago looking for site design and development, hoping to find a cost-effective ecommerce solution. We had nothing to do with their branding or logo, so we won’t take credit for that.

The Project

We used a mobile-first approach in site design and development, focusing on fluid proportional layouts. Their online shop consists of single products but also gives customers the option to purchase “product bundles” -definitely a special feature. The ability to create “product bundles” offers customers the ability to group products into single packages which are referred to on the site as “Occasions”. As for shipping and inventory, it’s all easily managed through cms – bada bing, bada boom.

One of the coolest things about this site is that it features quite a bit of custom video in the background, specifically on the About page and on the Occasions page. All of the video was produced by Blake Hemmerling of Newly films. Check out his site if you get a chance, talented guy.

The Roundup

Towards the end of the project we worked closely with YaJoe’s in-house team, teaching them how to manage all content code-free via cms, including content pages. Steve, our Lead Front End Developer and Head of Interactive, specifically worked closely with Eliam Puente, YaJoe’s content and graphics guy, coaching him on the ins and outs and everything in between.

The Press

This startup is generating a lot of traffic and press recognition, we ain’t mad about it, either.

Fellow nerds, geeks, and tech guys alike seem to love this shit. Check out this TechCrunch piece.

Geekwire loves the brands lifestyle (of techies, obviously) focus and that YaJoe is targeting an audience basically ignored by the fashion world.

What up, Yahoo?

Features aka Shameless Self Promotion

Oh yeah, the site was also nominated on CSS Design Awards, and Awwwards for Site of the Day.

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