You’re My Eero

December 8, 2020 design life post jumbotron

Wireless routers have always given me such fits. Dead zones, extended networks, terrible utility setups, remembering passwords, and unplugging and plugging back in to reset.

First world problems really, but all things I’m constantly having to do when dealing with wireless routers. I’d love it if it just worked. Enter the eero, the world’s first WiFi system. Designed and built by some of the same designers as the nest, it looks to combat all of my previously mentioned hangups with routers—and also looks the part. According to eero, it should be as simple as pluggin it in. We shall see.

With eero, beauty is more than just on the surface. This baby is open source, contains a 1.0Ghz dual-core processor, 512mb of RAM, 1GB of flash storage. It also comes with Bluetooth compatibility, so you can daisy-chain additional eeros with ease. It’ll also reset itself if it runs into any problems and download any updates automatically, so you shouldn’t run into any security vulnerabilities. It’s a lot to take in and I hope it turns out well, we’ll have to wait a see when it drops this summer.

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