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Designing, developing, writing and strategizing among a team of Seattle-dwelling introverted extroverts. Above all, we’re a cross-disciplined collective of industry veterans who bring passion and purpose to creating end-to-end brand engagements. At Urban Influence, brand is the life of a company, demonstrated in the details. We do details.

We Are

Urban Influence
Pete Wright Pete Wright



Pete "Muthaeffen" Wright

Owner, principal, and lead strategist, bringing years of C-level marketing experience to clients’ brands & businesses.

Kate Mats Kate Mats



Kate "{KateMats}" Mats

Tech game heavy-hitter who's wrangled teams for such household names as Amazon, Microsoft and Moz.com. A rare mix of dev & biz that brings the lowdown on building rockstar organizations.

Chaun Osburn Chaun Osburn


Art Director

Chaun "Oz Corp." Osburn

Born when he was very young, Chaun has amazing ways of seeing things with his mind’s eye.

Mary Rauzi Mary Rauzi


Art Director

Mary "Unicorn Blood" Rauzi

A glitter-lovin', Martha Stewart worshiper, with a degree in "Making Shit Look Good".

Chris Loper Chris Loper


Lead Developer

Chris "Dafuq" Loper

A software engineer of internet things.

Stephen Scaff Stephen Scaff


Head of Interactive

Stephen "Stick & Move" Scaff

Crafter of panty droppin web stuffs. Front-End Designer & Developer. Kicker of rocks, hater of d-baggy bios. Often in need of a hair cut.

Thomas Vaeth Thomas Vaeth


Front-End Developer

Thomas "Taco" Vaeth

Always making the best stuff on the web and always trying to use more '90s slang. Rad.

Ryan Cory Ryan Cory


Video Director

Ryan "Rodeo" Cory

Video geek, record collector, Seattle supervillian, and unlicensed dance choreographer.

Horse play Horse Play



The "Beady Eyed" Pigeon

Ate trash before it was called Freeganism. Professional mean mugger. Critiques by shitting all over everything you love.

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