Little Sous

Feeding the Spirit of Family

From our first meeting with the Little Sous team, we knew we had the chance to make something special.

Because a majority of the current recipe books for children often underserve the capabilities and limit budding taste palettes, Little Sous aimed to do better. By taking a task that must be done every day, breaking it down with easy to follow instructions, and offering tips on which items are great for kids, Little Sous helps families create memories and learn new skills together.

The Little Sous team was inspired by Parisian family traditions and cookbooks that encourage kids to try, taste and experience. By blending fun and youthful with a sophisticated edge, the new identity entices chefs of all ages.

Cooking up a following

Because Little Sous was just starting out, it was important to begin engaging an audience until the full website launch was complete. To help grow their follower base, and stir up some excitement, we created a temporary landing page and long form email templates that could bring stories, recipes, and resources right to the inbox of parents and their ‘little sous’ alike.


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