The New Sheridan

Brand building for the oldest and badest trailblazing hotel in Telluride

Keeping a Legacy Alive

During the San Juan Mountain gold rush, the city of Telluride served as a waypoint for the steady stream of prospectors. In 1891, The Sheridan Hotel was constructed to board these passer-bys on their way to strike it big. As Telluride’s fortune switched from gold to snow, the Hotel adapted, keeping the legacy alive. Prior to Hotel’s recent renovation, we saddled up to trail-blaze a complete brand refresh. With a story that tells itself, we pulled from the Hotel’s historic elements to create an immersive brand experience targeting a bustling mix of ski bums and luxury tourists.

Striking It Big

Step and Repeat

Renowned English hotel designer Nina Campbell was brought onboard to design the interior wall coverings, textiles and accents for the hotel. We collaborated directly with Nina, developing a bespoke set of patterns to use across the New Sheridan’s various branded collateral, from menus and coffee cups to custom uniforms for the New Sheridan staff. We worked hard to make the patterns appropriate to the hotel’s history and geography, and ensure a cohesive experience across all applications.

Step and Repeat

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