A brand overhaul for a fearless strategic communications and advocacy firm

Change for the Changemakers

Reinvention — we all want to be better versions of ourselves. So when 463 Communications enlisted us as their partner in the rebrand we couldn’t have been more excited. With decades of combined experience and a track record of successful campaigns in dynamic fields like technology, business, and politics, they are the firm you hire when major change is afoot. And so when they were embarking on their major change, we were honored to be a part of it.

We worked with them to first establish a foundation for their brand, targeting their key audiences and identifying the best ways to appeal to them. Based on these initial explorations, we helped them develop a new name and visual identity. The name Vrge creates a feeling of momentum and movement, and speaks to being on the edge of change.

Upending Expectations

Extending Vrge’s visual identity to the web, we integrated the angle of the V from the logo throughout the site. From image hover states to menu interactions, implementing this dynamic “slice” ensured that every touchpoint reinforced the tone and feel of their new brand. To complement their new name and visual identity, we developed a custom illustration style and icon system for their services. And of course, like all the sites we build we made sure it looked great on all form factors – phones, tablets and desktops.

When it comes to B2B sites, you want to push the envelope in design, but still make it really easy for potential clients to find the information they expect. To help Vrge navigate this edge, we made the site design content driven, shining a spotlight on the blog and highlighting their ideas and thorough leadership.


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