Rebranding a Bellingham credit union for modern, personal banking.
Branding Print Strategy Web Design & Development

The Brand

We wanted the WECU brand to feel approachable, modern, and authentic. By pulling inspiration from the PNW aesthetic of Bellingham itself, and infusing that with the welcoming attitude of the company, we created a brand that makes managing your finances doable, never scary.

Custom ATM wraps

With multiple ATMs around Bellingham and the Western Washington University campus, we knew they had to stand out from the rest, while fitting seamlessly into their environment.

Advertising Financing

WECU ad campaigns focus on the customers. Because people are at the heart of WECU, highlighting their dedication to helping customers achieve financial confidence was crucial.

There's an App for That...

Our lives are filled with clutter and your mobile banking app shouldn’t add to the stress. We created an app that is simple, intuitive, and inviting. It serves as a control panel for all things finance, and is always there when you need it.

The Website

WECU is more than a bank. By offering scholarships, volunteerism, corporate giving, financial education resources, loan services, savings plans and more, WECU ensures that they’re present for every important moment. From your first car, to your last student loan payment. The website needed to house all of this information while serving as a portal to your personal or business finances, without feeling overwhelming. After all, you should never fear your finances.