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November 04, 2023


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Why You Should Hire A Brand Agency

  Whether you’re thinking about creating a new brand or engaging in a full-on rebrand project, hiring a brand agency is a smart move. After all, a simple update of your brand is rarely straightforward.

Why You Should Hire A Brand Agency?

Whether you’re thinking about creating a new brand or engaging in a full-on rebrand project, hiring a brand agency is a smart move.


After all, a simple update of your brand is rarely straightforward. And the reality is, it may not be something your in-house team or regular marketing agency is properly prepared to handle. Creating a brand requires a unique set of skills, plus a ton of bandwidth to address concerns. That’s why bringing in the experts and allowing your traditional marketing to continue as scheduled is usually the best way.


We’ve put together this comprehensive article to help you and your team understand why brand agencies are important – and how they can help you.

Here’s why you should consider hiring a brand agency to navigate a refresh of your brand or a rebrand project.

A brand agency can back you up.

If you’re a CEO, CMO, or company owner deciding to rebrand, you’ll likely have a ton of stakeholders at the table looking to you for answers. These stakeholders will want to see evidence, metrics, and numbers to support your decision to revamp or rebrand. And most importantly, they will likely want to hear you present a strong case for hiring a brand agency to make the transition.


A brand agency can help you strengthen your case. After all, a good brand agency should have a track record of successfully creating well-considered brands. Your argument is stronger when you know your project will meet the goals and KPIs of your rebrand. (But we’ll touch more on the proven results that come with a great brand agency later.)

Brand and marketing are two different things.

Again, as a CEO, it may be up to you to convey this information to your stakeholders so that you can make the case to hire a brand agency for your next brand project!


The reality is, brand and marketing are simply two different things. So, it follows that brand agencies and marketing agencies aren’t the same.


Sure, brand and marketing often go hand in hand. But that doesn’t mean that a marketing specialist is an expert in brand, nor does it mean that a brand specialist is an expert in marketing. They are two different beasts, so it’s simply not safe to assume your marketing agency can handle a rebrand. While some agencies do both, the tasks and skills involved in creating a brand versus creating a campaign, for example, vary greatly.

The key difference between brand and marketing? Your branding answers all of the big questions that define you as a company.


Like what is your…


  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Market position
  • Ideal customer
  • And why are you in business?


These are fundamental questions that help to define your company.

A brand serves to define, solidify, and begin to communicate your big “why.”

In other words, why do you do what you do? What problem are you trying to solve? Why these customers? What do you hope to accomplish with your business, aside from turning a profit?


A great brand considers your company’s goals and values and the audience with whom you need to connect. A branding agency helps infuse the answers to these questions into the very core of your brand. That means considering how to bring them into everything from your color story and logo, to your key messaging to your strategy and structure.


By the time you get to marketing, you shouldn’t need to answer any of those questions because they exist in the brand. Instead, marketing centers on finding ways to convey those answers to your intended target audience. Marketing isn’t focused on creating a core message but on finding new and attention-grabbing ways to share existing messages and make sure they’re getting to the right people.

Marketing can change from season to season, while brand spans years.

A consistent, clear, and concise brand creates that value proposition that marketing tools then convey to your target audience. Over time, an effective brand coupled with an efficient and effective marketing strategy will likely result in increased customer loyalty and a strong customer base.


A good brand agency will help you answer all of those important questions. They will help you break down and investigate the very core of your business, and – where appropriate – they will redefine your mission, vision, and values. Then, they’ll take those new, clearly defined answers and help you develop the essential brand elements that best express those things. A good brand team will work to help ensure your mission and voice can be conveyed clearly by your marketing team, across different campaigns and channels, for years to come.


And really, choosing to work with a brand agency is as simple as that. With a brand agency, you can supplement your team with experts who know how to analyze and build a brand, creating value through the brand which can then be leveraged by great marketing strategy.


In short? If you want to make the most out of your new brand or brand refresh, you need to work with an agency whose sole purpose is to do just that.

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The benefits of a brand agency don’t end there.

Brand agencies can offer an unbiased perspective

One of the biggest benefits of bringing in a brand agency is that you get a fresh set of eyes on your organization. You bring new minds to the table, each with a unique outside perspective on how your brand, mission, vision can be expressed through brand elements. This new, unbiased perspective gives you an opportunity to look at your current brand efforts objectively, providing you with critical feedback and insight to help refocus your efforts.


At the end of the day, a rebrand is a massive endeavor – and it simply isn’t something that any in-house marketing team can accomplish on their own. Why? Because they have too much stock in the brand that you’ve already cultivated. Just another reason that it’s a wise move to bring new eyes to the process and analyze things from outside of your organization. Objective, outside brand experts can help make sure you design your brand to better match how you want it to be seen and experienced.


Working with a brand agency gives you the big-picture perspective you need to identify shortcomings, opportunities for growth, and the direction in which your company needs to move to accomplish its objectives.

You can supplement your team’s expertise

Another big benefit of working with a brand agency? The experience that comes along with the people you’ll likely be working with. Most brand agencies staff their ranks with brand experts who have successfully engaged in rebrand, brand refresh projects, or comprehensive brand endeavors that come along with building a business from the ground up – and not only that, but they’ve done it across various industries.


One cannot discount the benefit of a wide berth of experience when it comes to brand. Remember, your in-house marketing teams are likely experts in your market and your niche, which will certainly be an effective tool when it comes to conveying your message. A brand agency, however, will bring you a broader perspective that allows you to really determine just what types of messaging you want your brand to push out to its customer base.

Not to get too philosophical on you, but the world is becoming increasingly globalized.

That means that every corner of the business world is now affected by the social climate, the economic climate, and the political climate of every corner of the globe. In order for your business to successfully navigate these many and varied influences, you need to be able to take a look at the bigger picture as it pertains to your brand – not just what’s going on in your niche or immediate surroundings.


Working with a brand agency will give your business an opportunity to dig into more diverse perspectives and ensure that your messaging remains clear and consistent regardless of cultural or global context. Your agency can help your business adapt to a rapidly changing global landscape and give your marketing team the tools they need to deliver on your expectations for your brand.

Ongoing brand management

It’s one thing to rebrand or to refresh your brand, but brand isn’t marketing! When a marketing strategy or an advertisement campaign ends, you can simply turn the page, start from scratch, and try something new. brand, on the other hand, is something that will be around for the long haul. Your brand is going to define your business for years, if not decades, to come. With that in mind, every business needs to be sure that they nurture, care for, and support their brand from the moment they finish their rebrand process, onward.


A brand agency will likely be able to provide you with the after-process support and brand management that you need to successfully implement and maintain your new brand identity. Much more than a marketing agency, a brand agency will serve as your long-term partner, helping you navigate the challenges that will likely come along with remaining consistent in your brand amidst a changing marketplace.


Remember, the brand agency that helped you rebrand is full of the experts who actually put your brand into place. They are the ones who answered those big questions with you, they are the ones who put in the research, and they are the ones who guided your business through the process successfully.

Working with a brand agency gives you a dedicated partner.

A brand agency can provide support, help orchestrate marketing campaigns and advertising campaigns consistent with your new brand identity, and ensure that your company remains extremely competitive in a fast-moving marketplace.


If you don’t have an in-house brand team or a brand manager, your brand agency will certainly be a valuable tool moving forward. They will help you prepare your brand to remain consistent, reliable, and dependable over the long-term future – and that is exactly what brand is all about.

A brand agency offers proven results

At the end of the day, your rebrand efforts are only going to be successful if you implement the right brand, backed by the appropriate level of research. Due diligence is everything in a rebrand process, and a proven, dedicated, and insightful brand agency can best deliver the results you’re looking for.

Brand agencies will be able to provide your company with the expertise needed to really sift through the numbers, sort through the data, and bring actionable insights to the table to fuel your decision making moving forward. Let’s also not forget the fact that whatever brand agency you decide to work with will bring with it a team of professionals who have successfully engaged in rebrand processes for years, helping numerous brands across industries gain their footing in an ever-changing marketplace.

This will help your business move forward, knowing that you have a team of professionals working with you who have been there before, who have done it before, and who have helped other businesses achieve the results that you’re looking for.

And one more important thing. Why are you considering a rebrand or creating a new brand? Presumably, part of the motivation has to do with money.


When you work with professionals who understand the marketplace and can guide your decision-making, you get a better return on investment. Whether you spend your marketing team’s time on brand or bring in an outside agency, the reality is that it will cost you money – and the more of an investment you put into it, the more likely you are to get a better ROI. Since brand permeates everything your business does, you want to get it right.



When it comes to brand, experience, process, and a great track record can

In short? Hiring a brand agency has a ton of benefits.

As you can see, the differences between a brand agency and a marketing agency are critically important. While marketing is important in the short term, when it comes to brand, you need to consider a long term strategy. That means you need experts in taking that long term view.


Marketing gives you the tools, resources, and strategies you need to present you mission and vision to your target audience. Brand gets to the heart and soul of your business, delivering a mission, vision, and values that help explain your “why.”

When it comes down to it, your brand affects the long-term outlook for your business.

Brand agencies serve as dedicated, experienced, and reliable partners. They can help your business form, and forge ahead with, your new brand identity. A marketing agency, on the other hand, can help further down the line with conveying and sharing that identity.


Any business or brand in today’s world looking to create a new brand, revamp their identity, or engage in a full-on rebrand ought to seek out an experienced brand agency. A brand agency can help them navigate the process. And, let’s face it, the benefits are too significant to ignore – from track record to expertise to ROI.


You are now armed to the teeth with knowledge, insight, and guidance. You can present a strong case to your team about why you should hire a brand agency for your endeavors. Now, take what you’ve learned in this comprehensive article and put it into practice!

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